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Notes from Tuesday's class

Notes from Tuesday's class

This is for the quiz tomorrow.

This is for the quiz tomorrow.

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post

Photos from Munson Munchkins - Smm105-02 Summer2017's post


Reminder no class tomorrow.
Class on Thursday is when each group will be presenting the 4 Ps.


In one week groups will be presenting their projects with the 4P's.

Guest speaker slides

Guest speaker slides


SMA #7
Pinterest 5 pins
Google +

Class notes for today (Tuesday June 27):Upcoming class information:June 29: Guest speakerJuly 4: No classJuly 6: 4Ps exe...

Class notes for today (Tuesday June 27):
Upcoming class information:
June 29: Guest speaker
July 4: No class
July 6: 4Ps exercise (vacation presentations)

Homework this week
SMA #7 (this includes Google+)
Writing Assignment (TA-DA email)

Topline - Main point / what you want to be done - "I think it would be great if our company . . . "
Action - What has to happen for the main point to be achieved - "This means that . . . "
Discussion - The facts that back up the main point - "The reason this is a good idea is . . . "
Attachment - The example, the link, etc


Each team will plan a romantic vacation or dream buddy trip, using $8,000. Presentation is under 10minutes, and includes at least 5 slides describing Who What & How.
Title slide -> Time, place, transportation, housing -> Budget -> Reflect on 4Ps of 3 major decisions, including how heard about it & exactly where to do purchase transaction (this section may take as many slides as needed, as long as the presentation does not run over the 10 minute time length).

Groups signed up to present in this order:
9:35am - Rick's team
9:45am - Red Door
9:55am - "The Boys"
10:05am- Yone's team
10:15am- Iresema's team
10:25am- Krysta's team



In today's class we reviewed what we need to write for our writing assignment for next week:
1.) Clear structure
2.) "Somewhat" formal language & use the word 'I' once or twice and NEVER "you"
3.) Clear next step
4.) 100-250 words

For this week ignore the writing assignment but remember to do Chapter #6 quiz and SMA #6 plus for your group remember to post for week 7 your SWOT analysis that you presented today for your business project.

Today in class we saw a few videos of our groups presentation for our projects. A reminder that this Thursday is due our...

Today in class we saw a few videos of our groups presentation for our projects. A reminder that this Thursday is due our SMA #6 which are: twitter, blog, Facebook, Instagram, And Pinterest and also the SWOT presentation with our groups, so be sure to meet up with your groups to organize that for Thursday, and take the chapter 6 quiz in our books for SMM! You will see the photos below you and have a better way to see what's happened today. Good luck!

Class notes for today (Tuesday June 13):Each group needs to bring a printed copy of their presentation to class on Thurs...

Class notes for today (Tuesday June 13):
Each group needs to bring a printed copy of their presentation to class on Thursday.
In addition, Brother Munson would like the following groups should be prepared with the following material:
Spray My World Clean: A video
JPD & 5 Star Garage: Social Media Goals
Neighborhood Art Center & Your Red Door Team: Business Goals
Threads 4 Families: Plan to donate clothing

Coming up, the class will be discussing SMART goals. Although there are many variations available for this acronym, Brother Munson would like us to focus on his definition while in his class.
Time limit

Plan presentation info

Plan presentation info


When uploading SMA include the following for each platform:

SMM 105-02
SMA# x

Screenshot of post

Also include the URL to each SMA in the comments before submitting to Dropbox.

Feed the blog

Feed the blog


Homework for the week of June 5 - 9

Reading quiz #4

Facebook Post

Update for today's class.At 11:30 pm you need to have your blog and tweet post! On your blog you need to have your bio/p...

Update for today's class.
At 11:30 pm you need to have your blog and tweet post! On your blog you need to have your bio/purpose and it needs to be 50-150 words, after when you upload it put the URL in the comment section. Upload your screenshots in a Doc document.
Make sure to work on your projects as much as you can which means prepare the first post and the schedule, and also there is a quiz on the SMM book for chapter 3 due the same time as the blog, and twitter post.

Class notes for today (Thursday May 25):Happy birthday to Kim BytendorpWelcome to our new student Jaylene - Brother Muns...

Class notes for today (Thursday May 25):

Happy birthday to Kim Bytendorp
Welcome to our new student Jaylene - Brother Munson sang "Oh Canada"
Interesting fact - the top four languages of the church are 1) English 2) Spanish 3) Portuguese 4) French
Spoke about Memorial Day, and some background details

Each group leader showed their page, each member of the class should like each of the below pages, including the class page:
Munson Munchkins
Spray My World Clean, LLC
JPD Auto Sales
Neighborhood Art Center
5 Star Garage Solutions
Your Red Door Team

Details about the quiz next week:
Brother Munson will give descriptions of platforms, we are to determine which platform matches the description. He will provide product categories for us to identify. He will give a set of information from a profile, we are to write the "silver bullet" for the information.

Reach post = f(audience size, activity of page, subject matter, content)
Activity is ore important than audience size for reach.

A "silver bullet" is providing evidence of achievement or success instead of simply describing what you did. Groups worked internally to help individual's develop silver bullets for LinkedIn profile and Intro Video.

Reviewed more Intro Videos.
Please remember to record the video HORIZONTAL, and not vertical.
Please remember to be aware of the writing on any written signs being used (make sure they aren't seen backwards when the video plays).
Please remember to include your silver bullet in your video.
Please be creative.
Please, no more than 90 seconds. The shorter the better, as long as all content is included.
Format: your name, where you're from, why you're taking SMM105, your career aspirations, your 5 Gallup strengths.

Class notes for today (Tuesday May 23):Please like the class page, and tag your face in the background photo. D...

Class notes for today (Tuesday May 23):

Please like the class page, and tag your face in the background photo.

Definition of marketing reach: "estimated number of potential customers you could reach through a specific campaign or advertising medium."
Definition of algorithm: "a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations." This is how Facebook, Google, and others determine what content to present.

Organic marketing means content is naturally shared from individuals to individuals or individuals to groups.

The biggest thing to happen to Twitter in the last two years has been Donald Trump, and the attention he has brought to the platform through his outrageous tweets.

Class discussed:
Twitter #MunsonMunchkins

Assignment Intro Video #1 and criteria. Watched Kasaundra's awesome video.

Assignment Create LinkedIn Profile. Be sure to have a strong "silver bullet", and use quantifiable data to drive the point. Example "Led a team of (((X))) people to perform (((X))) task in (((X))) time frame."

Assignment StrengthsFinder Test. Need only the top 5 strengths.

Group discussions to A) determine audience for business, B) secondary platform for posts, C) individual responsibilities of group members. By Thursday, each group should have met at least once, and have a publishing calendar ready to submit.

There will be a quiz next week.

Please also see the photos on this post, for additional information from class, notes from the board/slide show, and information on the quiz.


Here are the groups, taken from the board sign-up our first day of class. If there are any corrections to this (wrong group, name incorrect, spelling incorrect) please let me know so that I can make the correction.

Group: Neighborhood Art Center
Leader: Hannah Feltis
Members: Madi Stommel -- Krysta Housley -- Kim Bytendorp-- Yu Sun

Group: Your Red Door Team AZ
Leader: Katelyn ???
Members: Adam Lees -- Alvin Guevara -- Kylie Burchard

Group: Power Washing Utah
Leader: Scott Warner
Members: Allen ??? -- Marie Ricci -- Taz Smith -- Rick Saboia

Group: Mexico Kids' Clothing
Leader: Kimberly McIntosh
Members: Kasaundra Jorgensen-- Laura Guzman Balata -- Karina Zuvire Galicia -- Irasema Galicia

Group: 5 Star Garage Solutions
Leader: Tyler Trettin
Members: Polo Gonzalez -- Malan Blake -- Matt Helton -- Juan Sulca

Group: JPD Auto Sales
Leader: Paulo Garrido
Members: Yona Cha -- Alexis Beauchamp -- Kate Rincon Santafe

Not in a group
Kathryn Evans -- Jaylene Maki -- Madeline Watkins -- Jooyoung Cheon

Please tag yourself and your group members. Thank you!

Please tag yourself and your group members. Thank you!


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Salt Lake City, UT


(801) 610-9433


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Is the "project assessment report" where we submit our presentations from Tuesday?
Brothers and sisters, I have just been called into a meeting with Elders Bradley D. Foster, Erich W. Kopischke, Eduardo Gavaret, Eduardo Dube, Scott D. Whiting of the Seventy. I should make to class between 9:30 and 9:40. If I have not arrived by 9:50, please start with the Spray My World presentation . I will be there at 10:10 at the latest. Best, Br. Munson
Greetings from Orlando--paying my respects to you and escorting Mary Poppins around Epcot! Please be courteous to Br. Stahle. He will help you increase engagement on all your post, especially your secondary platforms.
I am doing a project for another class and need more input on what students think about LDSBC's orientation! Please rate your experience, positive, neutral, or negative and include what you liked and didn't like! Thank you so much!
Here is the list of people who signed up for doing a devotional and prayer: Please keep in mind these guidelines: 1. Scripture 2. Context 3. Interpret 4. Story or example 5. Summarize MAY 23RD--Alexis MAY 25TH--Alvin MAY 30TH-- JUNE 1ST-- Scott JUNE 6TH-- JUNE 8TH--Taz JUNE 13TH-- JUNE 15TH-- Tyler JUNE 20TH-- JUNE 22ND-- Krysta JUNE 27TH JUNE 29TH--Malan JULY 4TH JULY 6TH--Kasaundra JULY 11TH-- JULY 13TH--Katelyn
You will find all the weeks now have the correct dates. Also, the upload for "SMA #1" due tonight is now enabled. I realize as of this moment, ten of you have taken Quiz #1. That is fine. But I still need you to upload your first tweets to BrightSpace! Thanks. Br. Munson
Looking good, class!