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Recycle your moving supplies. After your move, keep all of your moving boxes, newspaper, and bubble wrap together to donate to another mover. You can list the items in an online classified or local newspaper.


Freight assistance services can provide more efficient management of not only full loads, but partial loads as well; this also includes parcel and pallet shipping and delivery to any destination.


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a new office location is how much you can alter the office space. Be sure to discuss with the owner of the property what types of alterations – including installing cubicles and electronic devices – are allowed in the space.


According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, the average American moves 11.7 times over the course of his or her life. That’s a lot of packing! About a third of relocations are made to shorten the commute between home and work.


The color of the walls in your new office can have an impact on employee concentration and enthusiasm. Color can be a powerful mood enhancer. For the best results, prefer blue for good concentration, a touch of yellow for enhanced creativity and some red for more productive physical activity.


Packing all of your goods might seem like a money-saving method, but only if nothing goes wrong. If you pack your stuff, then you need to insure it in case something breaks during the move. When movers pack it, it comes with insurance.


Delegate and track your progress. If you are moving with family members, agree with them exactly what tasks they will be doing and the date they will be finished. At least once a week, check for updates from everyone.


Have your employees expressed concerns that their relocation allowance won’t be enough to cover all their moving expenses? Let us work with them to maximize their resources and ensure the move goes as easy as possible.


Relocating an office can seem like a big chore, but planning for the move in manageable steps can make the process less daunting. Many experts recommend starting with a to-do list a year or more ahead of time.


Make sure you give yourself enough time to pack everything up. Start a few weeks ahead of time, and be sure to clearly label all your boxes, so you can find things quickly at your new place. If you're putting your boxes into storage, make sure to inventory everything in each box, and keep the inventory with you.


Do you know the layout of the new office you are moving into? Make sure that your employees know it too, and that they receive a copy of your moving plan. Being organized before the move will not only reduce the stress for employees, but for your movers as well.


Dock-to-dock truck transport tends to be the fastest, most efficient and most time-responsive freight movement strategy, because goods are loaded at the origination dock, transported as directly as possible, and unloaded at the destination dock with minimal delays.


In order to relocate your office efficiently, always consider construction costs. Not every building you find will be entirely capable to support your needs or desires. Avoiding unseen costs will support the preparation of your budget.


The problem with DIY moving is that it’s so easy to stay and unpack every load that you bring to the new house. When you hire movers, you won’t have to worry about making dozens of trips back to the old house to get more stuff.


Moving’s a challenge. That’s never going to change. What can change is how you handle that challenge. A professional moving company can be exactly the way to do that, and it can be a great way to save time.


Part of minimizing downtime during an office move is keeping everything organized so that your staff does not waste time looking for it later. We can help you organize the entire packing process to ensure that all important papers and documents can be tracked down at your new location.


Make a detailed list of all items that will be stored in your storage. This list will serve as a handy inventory for your records and is also required by the storage facility. Managers ask for full disclosure of what is being stored to make you are in compliance with what is allowable.


Did you know that moving companies offer full service moving? This means that not only do they do all of the handling, packaging, and transporting of all of your household furniture and items, but they also unpack them at your new address. They can even set-up your furniture for you before you even get there.


Did you know that around 43 million Americans move every year? That makes around 13% of the population of the US and more than the population of California.


Make sure you keep items together. Keep hardware for bookcases with the bookcase for example, in a plastic bag taped to the item. Keep hangers with artwork, nuts and bolts with anything you have to take apart, and cables with electronics.


To serve customers more efficiently in today’s highly integrated supply chain network, freight assistance service providers offer tailored logistics and transportation solutions to ensure coordinated movement of goods via freight rail, maritime transport, truck transport, or air service delivery.


Although it can be tempting to put off certain aspects of packing until the very last minute, it’s best to have everything packed before we arrive. This can ensure that we don’t have to waste any time standing around when we could be on the way to drop off the first truckload.


Upright cartons are tall and thin, and are typically used for packing specially sized items (such as lamps or statuary). These cartons are also known as "golf bag boxes" or "tall boy boxes."


When the moving truck arrives, it should have its U.S. DOT number painted on the side, which should match the number on the website and the estimate.


Staying in touch with friends and family is a crucial part of transitioning your family smoothly from one city to another. Help your child create an address book with updated contact information for friends, teachers, coaches, and other important people in his or her life.


For freight forwarding companies, we are able to help deliver greater customer satisfaction along with the goods that are shipped. We promote fast, efficient, and cost-effective assistance to all links in the supply chain.


While it can be more time-consuming while packing, it can be a good idea to keep an inventory of what’s in each box. This way, when you need to find the kids’ pajamas on the first night in the new house, your list can tell you which of the numbered boxes to open.


So how long is the packing process going to take in your home? While this will ultimately depend on the size of your home and the complexity of the move, this usually takes either a day or two.


Always opt for a climate-controlled storage unit, which maintains a steady temperature of 55—88 degrees using air conditioning and heat. A controlled environment is essential for preventing warping, cracking, rust, yellowing, mold, mildew, and pests.


We recommend that you have your end of the packing completely done before the movers arrive. This will help speed things up, as you’ll be able to focus on working with us to take care of all the many remaining details.


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